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Seeds make sence

May 2015

Seedless is fashionable. We are also always looking for seedless grapes, although they are the healthiest of it. They are even making oil out of grapeseeds. Certainly you shouldn't swollow the seeds, the have to be grained by machine or teeth. Apple seeds taste of marcipan. This seed contains the power of a whole tree. So lets appreciate it more. Avocado seeds you can grain on the salat or into your smoothie. Citrus-Seeds are not eatable and melon and cherry seeds are useful for spitting-competitions!

Tangerines prevent growth of cancerous cells

March 2015

They are sweet, juicy and so tasteful: Tangerines. Before the season ends you can still find them in our #smoothies and Fruit Boxes!

Tangerines are not only full of vitamine C and A they are also  loaded with compounds called flavonoids, which boast certain anticancer properties. The flavonoids in tangerines can #prevent the growth of #cancerous cells and stop the proliferation of tumors. #Flavonoids are antioxidants that neutralize free radicals -- unstable, disease-causing molecules -- and have the potential to also protect against the development of heart disease. Flavonoids may also promote better blood flow in the coronary arteries, prevent arteries from forming blood clots and stop the oxidation of “bad” cholesterol in the body, a risk factor for many dangerous heart conditions. So, have a tangerine a day as long as you can still get them!

Green Smoothies

October 2014

Everyone is talking about it. They promise real miracles and half of Hollywood is on the green trip. What about this green wave?
This vitamin boosters were invented some years ago by the health expert Victoria Boutenko who wanted to heal herself and her family from cronical desease . She was already convinced by eating raw things and knew about the power inherent in the green leaves, without which there can exist no living creature. Green plants contain all essential minerals, vitamins and amino acids that we need to be healthy. The finer we blend the leaves, the more they may release their effectiveness. With over 30,000 turns per minute, our teeth can not match. Through this mix-speed green smoothies get what they are.
Through photosynthesis green leaves produce chlorophyll. A miracle of nature! Boutenko called this substance "liquid form of sunlight," she says, that the energy that is contained in our food, is ultimately converted sunlight.
Unfortunately we haven't got the  desire to eat constantly greens, also the tastes is  not as tasty as ..., well, you know. So how do you get the good green to all human beings ? Quite simply, we mix sweet fruit to it and the result is "fuel for the soul"  Here Victoria Boutenko is explaining it herself: .  The fact is that it is doing well, tastes good and actually replaced a small meal. That's why we eat 40 minutes before and after nothing.

Die Erdbeere

May 2014

Fruit Facts

May 2014

Fruit Poesie

May 2014