A worldly woman teams up with Caribbean manpower! Jeanine Fissenewert is the heart of Fruit Box Berlin, leading the vitamin source and giving it a personal touch. Ausie Letang is her business partner who is in charge of logistic matters. He was born on the Caribbean Island of Dominica and therefore knows a lot about tropical fruits; only the best quality fruit passes his high-standard. The blogger Irina von Bentheim is of the opinion that a healthy lifestyle is the most desirable one, which is her personal motivation to publish articles for Fruit Box Berlin.



Jeanine Fissenewert grew up under a bunch of fruit trees in a small town near Hildesheim and came to Berlin in 1989 after being a hotel manageress in Gottingen. In Berlin, she worked for Interconti and Schweizerhof and as chief secretary at the Herzzentrum before giving birth to two children and after that working independently as office manageress  for various enterprises.

Why not falling for the sphere of luxury? I love it and it is my highest priority to offer luxury moments. It is my wish to help people live in a better working environment and a healthy lifestyle. Enjoy yourself every week with the most delicious, freshest fruits and green smoothies. Service is my purpose - If you are happy with our service, it is a great pleasure to me.


Ausie was born on the Caribbean Island of Dominica and grew up in England, served in the military for 10 years before he went into the oil industry. During his military service he was located in Germany, where he fell in love with the country and the German people. After learning the language and working as a translator, he moved to Berlin where he lives today.

Where I come from, we can chat about the taste and the quality of fresh foods for hours, we would even start trouble about it. Dominica, a Caribbean Island between Guadeloupe and Martinique is known to be the Caribbean’s stomach. We are very proud of our nature and with how many different fruits it provides us. When I was a child, no tree was too tall when I saw sweet grapefruits or aromatic mangos. Later in England I was active on the market to raise my pocket money. Until today, it is my passion to search the market for the best products. I love to bring in my zeal into Fruit Box Berlin. 


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She is the creative mind behind Fruit Box Berlin. If the versatile woman does not give her voice to Hollywood stars or act on stage, she is passionately improving her environment with healthy supplies, talking people into yoga, creating vegetarian delicacies and her recently discovered love for green smoothies.

I strongly belief that conscious nutritional value is the key to a healthy life, improves the mood helps people to get in touch with their bodies. Because they don’t just want to be clean on the outside but on the inside as well. Fresh fruits are a part of my life, and green smoothies are my newest discovery. I have been experimenting with them for a while and I created some absolute sensations. Chlorophyll is the word! I don’t want to be without green smoothies anymore, and I will happily share this with you!