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In your fruit cups, you will always find a diverse selection of whole and sliced handpicked well prepared fruits, which you can eat right away using the attached chip fork without getting sticky fingers. It is common knowledge that chopped fruits should be kept in the refrigerator, where as the green smoothies can be stored for two days. Moreover, it is common knowledge to us that some fruits will fully ripen a few days after delivery, so you can first enjoy your smoothie, then the hygienically prepared fruits, and finally the succulent whole ones.


You get to choose between five different fruit box variants. The Classic-Box is designed for single persons. In case your colleague munchies all your fruit, we recommend the “Share” variety. The “Office” variety containing fruits for four persons. Further, you can always order more smoothies in addition to your original preferred selection. For your conferences, instead of the usual coffee and biscuits, starting from six persons, we deliver a pyramid of a selection of beautifully prepared sliced fruits.
How you can consume your Fruit Box in the most nutritious way: First, drink the green smoothie. Remember not to shake but to stir it. This will help you to have a fresh start into the day. The straw is located in the Box, just prick, stir, and enjoy. If you finish your Fruit Box before the week is over, we strongly recommend a bigger size.


Fruit Box Berlin members will preferably get their Fruit Boxes delivered to their office every Monday, weekly or every second week. For meetings with more than 6 persons, we will happily deliver your Fruit Box on any other day of the week. The fruit box is designed to be on your desk to provide you with the required healthy vitamins throughout the day. Just let us know who is receiving your Fruit Box in your workplace, in your name. You have the choice whether you want to return your empty Fruit Box when you receive the next delivery or throw it away. We send the bill on the day of delivery online.


A Fruit Box Berlin membership feels so good. You can easily order online, or by phone, with the possibility of cancelling by latest Friday before the next day of delivery. Having a membership at Fruit Box Berlin does not have a contractual duration and is always changeable - or cancellable. Payment can be made via transaction, pay pal or a SEPA debit charge.